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You don't have to donate $$ to make a difference! We need your help to generate amusing, entertaining, and charitable ideas for ways to help communities less fortunate than our own. If you've got other humiliations or charitable ventures that you’d like to see, e-mail us. Few things are off limits (unless highly illegal), but the amount it'll take may vary by how degraded you wish Heath and Doug to be.



INDIVIDUAL - Decided by a coin toss or similar game of chance.

  • THE HALF HAIRED HERO - The chosen delegate must shave off one side of their hair.
  • THE TUXEDO DISCO DANCE – For a full day, when the word 'tuxedo' is uttered by anyone other than the other delegate, the chosen delegate must break into a spontaneous, unexplained, disco dance.
  • THE SWEETHEART – On cue of seeing an older woman wearing the colour red, the chosen delegate will buy the first flower, or chocolate or any gift available and chase after the women to propose his undying love and offer the present. This will stop once he’s kissed a cheek 5 times.
  • THE BACKWARDS BLACK TIE - Wear tuxedo backwards for one day. and have to walk backwards in public?
  • THE HUNGRY SONGBIRD - Must to sing cheerfully to order food/drinks any food that day.
  • THE GOURMET CHALLENGE - Must eat whatever strange local food that the other delegate chooses, on 3 occasions.
  • THE SHIRTLESS SHENANIGANS - wear tie but no shirt under jackets, weather permitting.
  • THE TALK OF THE TOWN - talk complete jibberish OR be completely silent for a full day.
  • THE CUMBER BUND DASH – A streak through town wearing only the Cumber Bund!!

GROUP - Both delegates partake in the humiliation.

  • THE SCHIZOPHRENIC SKIT – Heath and Doug pretend to be each other for a full day without telling anyone what they are doing or why they are doing it. Includes mimicking accents.
  • THE HENNA’D ARSES - Both delegates have different messages written with a henna tattoo on their arses. Send your suggestions for the messages, Heath will select one message for Doug, Doug will select one message for Heath’s pasty white arse.
  • THE ENTERTAINERS - Concoct a spontaneous street show for donations and give the money directly to the homeless OR back into the fund.
  • THE MATADOR MADNESS – Doug and Heath will head to a pedestrian area or park, then one of them will promptly act as a Matador, and the other as the charging bull. This will happen for 5 minutes, at which point they will casually walk off as if nothing had ever happened.



  • WHAT IS IT? A peasant farmer walks the empty street returning to his family after a hard day's honest graft. A vehicle pulls up, and out jump the two delegates. They eagerly shake the man’s hands and offer him cash. Then without further explanation, climb back in their vehicle and head off along the dusty streets.
  • HOW WILL IT HELP? Income = purchasing power = better quality of living, even if it is only a short one-off.
  • POTENTIAL DISASTER? The recipient assumes its some trick, or somehow has no belief in what happened and throws down the money for fear of incrimination and being involved in something subterfuge...
  • ESTIMATED COST? $20 upwards. Could be done often.


  • WHAT IS IT? We will find two or more down on their luck individuals and treat them to a meal fit for a king.
  • HOW WILL IT HELP? Partially and temporarily end world hunger as well as break down the too often present class barriers that really should not separate worldy brothers.
  • POTENTIAL DISASTER? One or more of our guests choke to death and we're detained indefinitely on charges of manslaughter.
  • ESTIMATED COST? Country dependant, but likely around $5 - $20 per guest.


  • WHAT IS IT? In a suitably poor, agricultural area we’ll take a wedge of cash from the fund and head to a village to purchase some goats at a fair price. We will then attempt to herd to goats on foot, until we reach the next village that will take our offer of free goats.
  • HOW WILL IT HELP? The first village will get a direct cash injection as we will pay a fair price for the goats. The second village will have an economic boost by receiving a free herd of goats.
  • POTENTIAL DISASTER? Doug is a city boy, and Heath doesn’t particularly like animals, neither have any goat herding experience. Goats can run fast, and a dash through python infested bush. To herd one back could be a life threatening experience. The ultimately worst case is we lose the goats.
  • ESTIMATED COST? We have no idea, has anyone bought a goat in India recently? What’s the going rate?
  • NOTE: We reserve the right to substitute the goats for pigs, sheep, or any other suitable livestock, should goats be unavailable.